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Fashion Glitch

At Geisa Haus, our mission is to elevate your brand through a combination of fashion show production, and the creation of fashion media that inspires, empowers and tells the stories of the people behind the garments through innovative design. Our team of fashion creative professionals strive to push boundaries in both our designs and storytelling, while promoting sustainability and ethical practices within the fashion industry.


"Saige flew in last minute to assist with production of my fashion show in Seattle, Washington. Despite it being so late in the process, she managed to use her expertise to assist with the production of my show. She is poised, professional, and does great under pressure. I am thankful for her help and I am looking forward to having her handle full production for my next show."

Cindy Barron, Lux Zaya

"The show was absolutely amazing, I am through the roof that Geisa Haus produced my show. Everything from model casting, venue selections, all the small details were thought of! If it wasn't for GH, this runway would not have been at this level! We will definitely be using them again!"

Austin Alegria

"After being elected as the Chair of the fashion show for AAPI - All American Physicians of Indian Origin yearly convention, I knew we needed the best team to help us showcase the Indian designer who was coming all the way from India. The magnitude of the convention was massive, over 1K guests and I was extremely thrilled to partner with such a talented fashion and production company - Geisa Haus. From arranging a casting call, assisting in picking the right models, taking care of all the communication with the modeling agencies and freelance models, to helping with the choreography, it was the complete package! Saige was phenomenal and very professional along with her entire team. She understood our vision right away. Torry did a fantastic job with the photography. It was one of the best fashion shows we had produced for our organization on a national level! I would highly recommend Geisa Haus."

Shernaz Sanjana, AAPI Fashion Chair

"Bringing Geisa Haus on board for my first fashion show was truly the best decision. Saige's knowledge in putting on a fabulous show, as she did during TXFW™ showed when helping me finish what I started when I needed her. I am honored to have been her first show under Geisa Haus! We are so excited to see the future of Geisa Haus."


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